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Shock your Muscles

What is the best way to shock your muscles?

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It is easy for people who exercise to get "set" in their ways or exercise routine. However, getting set or stuck is not good for promoting new muscle growth and development. In order to achieve new muscle growth people need to keep forcing and adapting their life and exercise routine to achieve the desired results.

To keep your muscles growing here are ways to shock your muscles.

Do not workout the same time every day. Try one day workout in the morning and the next workout in the afternoon or evening.

Change up the repetitions or order of your workouts. Some days do more reps and some days to less. Your body will not know what to expect next, which is a good thing when working out.

Some weeks exercise three days and other weeks exercise six days. This keeps pushing your body and forces it to adapt.

Try changing the speed of your workout. Part of the work out speed it up and then slower it doing during other parts.

Try holding the contractions slightly longer than normal, such as five or ten seconds longer. This will help to harden the muscles as well.

Put plyo-metric into your workout routine, which is a mixture of explosive training, such as skipping rope or high knees with push-ups, leap frog jumps, etc. Usually, you will do two or three minutes of explosive training with two minutes of the plyo-metric training.

Focus on stretching before and after a work-out to relax the muscle tissue.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone by adding more exercises on or more weight on to your workout. Keep advancing your exercise routine with harder moves and more balance.

Just follow these tips and to keep adding or subtracting workout to your routine. As long as your workout does not stay the same and keeps changing you will see the results you desire in not time. In order to shock the muscle, you need to keep surprising your body through different forms of exercise.

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Muscle Building Secrets Revealed
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