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Back Shock Workout

Try these shock techniques to widen your back.

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Learn amazing result producing muscle shock training techniques at Muscle Building Secrets Revealed.

These techniques to widen a person's back are effective and efficient. The four shock techniques commonly know are based on the wing span workouts. The wing span workout concentrate on making the back bigger and broader and that in turn makes the chest look more muscular. When the back muscles are pumped up, it gives an overall look of upper body strength and size. The four most widely known techniques are painful and intense, but the positive effects of them on gaining size and strength, makes it worth all the discomfort.

For a person to gain the strength and size, they need to flex their lats in and out of the gym. The reason to do that is to strengthen the nervous system and muscle fibers in the back. These fibers are important because they induce the muscle growth in that area. The back muscles need to be able to contract, so the person can gain as much as possible from the four back techniques.

The first shock technique for the back is the trisets. The trisets are most productive when added to a program of hypertrophy. The steps to the trisets are: as many pullups as possible, then eight to ten reps of dumbbell pullovers, next ten to twelve reps of stiff arm pull downs, rest up some, and finally repeat the procedure two to three times. It is important to stretch really well on the pullovers, to not cause injury. The triset technique is best done by intermediate to advanced bodybuilders.

The second is ten sets of pull ups. The person should take their time and start out with a few sets and work their way up to the full ten. This way injury and severe pain do not occur. The biggest advantage to the ten set rule for any work out, is that it induces new growth fast.

The third is the pull up and chin up giant set. There are various types and degrees of pull ups that are incorporated with this technique. All these different types of pull ups are important for back width. The person should repeat this exercise two to three times to get the best results.

The final shock technique is negative pull ups. The most effective way is to use a step ladder to climb to the top position and then lower yourself slowly. This focuses on the lowering phase of the back muscles.

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Muscle Building Secrets Revealed
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